It is the night of the big Tony Award Nomination party and the cast of the stage version of "The Wizard of Oz" is nervous as can be! Profits for the show are down, and each actor is facing being let go in order to save money. The only thing that can save their role - a Tony Award Nomination. This would ensure that they get to stay in the show!

Things have gotten so desperate that each actor stays in character all the time in order to prove that they are the best actor around. These characters are all flawed in their own way, and when one of them suddenly is murdered, they must work together (with our audience) to find out who did it and why!

From the slighly stupid Scarecrow, to the now power hungry Dorothy they will need your help in figuring out which character dies and how it happened!


Tickets are $25, which includes a 3 course dinner (salad, meat or cheese lasagna, and dessert).

Please purchase tickets here and make your reservations! Seating is limited so get them before they sell out!

Please visit our box office online to purchase tickets!

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